Who we are and what we do.

Since 1984, Nmotionmedia has been instrumental in the development of comprehensive presentations, specifically designed for mediations and jury trials.

Nmotionmedia is anchored by principals Don Hatter and David Hatter, who possess the training, experience, skill and the necessary leadership to meet the expectations of such a demanding clientele. Past clients include the Riverside County District Attorneys Office and members of the Consumer Attorneys of San Diego. With specialties in medical animations and illustrations, accident recreation animations and case documentary video production, Nmotionmedia is equipped to provide today’s litigators with everything from sophisticated physical demonstrations to expert authenticated mechanics of injury animations. 

Nmotionmedia can contribute expert resources to the delivery of your case information that will, not only strengthen your position, but bolster your chances of getting and keeping your audiences attention. From the consultation with an expert witness to the presentation logistics such as format resolutions and display equipment access, Nmotionmedia helps you prioritize, organize, digitize and optimize your case story delivery. Nmotionmedia will with you to understand your needs and those of your clients, transforming your message into a breath-taking visual experience. When winning IS everything, partner with the experts in demonstrative evidence, Nmotionmedia.

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