David Hatter

Creative Director

David Drew Hatter trained to be a draftsman at the University of Kentucky and went on to work as a mechanical engineer at Rexnord (now Mathews Conveyor Systems) headquartered in Chico, California. After a 2 year shuffle through companies such as Clow Industries in Corona, California and Bianchi Leather in Temecula, California, as a mechanical engineer, David was hired as an Engineering Illustrator at General Dynamics’ East Valley Division in Rancho Cucamonga, California. Almost five years of experience in military and aerospace concept engineering and illustration took David into a lead position at General Dynamics where he supervised 12 engineering illustrators in the production of pre-visualizations and production/fabrication illustrations. Also, during this time, David worked as a free-lance medical illustrator and began taking courses in anatomy and physiology as well as computer based imaging software.

In 1989, David was hired as Medical Illustrator and Photographer at Shriners Hospital for Children in Los Angeles, California. During his ten year stay at Shriners, David worked as a trial exhibit producer and consultant for cases which involved personal injuries. He learned the importance and sophistication of the “visual product” for the purposes of demonstrative evidence as litigation support.

In 1999, David left Shriners Hospital and joined Digital Empire in Riverside, California, as Creative Director. There, he furthered his training and experience in film and video production, 3-d and 2-d animation, print production graphics, sound and video codecs and editing, directing photography sessions, producing trial exhibits, web-site and interactive CDROM/DVD production and much more. The events of September 11, 2001, started an economic swing and David joined forces with his brother, Don, in 2002, at Nmotionmedia, specializing in 3-d animation for demonstration and pre-visualization as well as many other multi-media deliverables.

Today, Don and David head a modest media business that caters to rocket scientists, renowned surgeons, seasoned engineers, and high profile attorneys throughout the greater United States. Nmotionmedia serves an illustrious list of clientele including Riverside County District Attorney, Consumer Attorneys of San Diego, Microsoft, Disney, Hasbro, House of Blues, NASA, Mattel, Portland Cement, Burrtec, Waste Management and many more.

David Hatter cut his engineering teeth with companies such as General Dynamics, Fleetwood and Mathews Conveyors in the 1980’s. He then returned to college in the early 1990’s, studied film and video production and worked as a BETA tester for one of the first non-linear video editing programs–In Sync’s Speedrazor. While assuming a career path as Creative Director at new media production firms for another ten years, David has become accustomed to communicating with architects, surgeons, scientists, bio-mechanical and aerospace engineers to develop the most informative, accurate and legally admissible multi-media presentations possible.



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