Specializing in the production of compelling multi-media visuals for information delivery,
Nmotionmedia is more than just another production company!


Nmotionmedia produces realistic product pre-visualizations, dynamic virtual reality tours, new technologies research models and training/orientation materials for every industrial market. Nmotionmedia sets the bar for a new standard in quality product demonstrations.


The team at Nmotionmedia posses a unique set of skills that make them ideal for this type of presentation production. In the past 10 years, industrial animations have found a niche market in pre-visual communications. They are being used to present invention concepts, real estate developments and medical devices to potential interests.


Nmotionmedia has worked with some of the leaders of their industries, such as NASA, Portland Cement and House of Blues. With these pre-visualizations, audiences are able to actually see a planned community, an aerospace vehicle concept or a new medical device in its developmental stages before making final decisions about what happens next.

Many of todays businesses are now using 3-D animated pre-visuals to help construct the most appealing store fronts, point of purchase displays and in store departments for consumers. These animations are played for focus groups that represent the potential customer. These groups help pave the way for important decisions to be made before ground is even broken.
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